About Dragonsfly

"a fusion in the truest sense of the word between the indigenous music of many cultures"
Dragonsfly band photo

Formed in 1997 by Maya and Daygan, Dragonsfly is a Celtic-Eastern-Folk Fusion band with a unique sound born from the band member's musical tastes and influences.

This vibrant and original five-piece interlace instruments as diverse as bagpipes, hurdy-gurdy, bouzouki, mandolin, tabla, electric bass, saxophones, vocals and more resulting in groove-driven music that is passionate, high-energy, tender and entrancing. Their performances are rooted in traditional music but with their own contemporary interpretation and with songs inspired by their personal experiences and musical backgrounds. Their music celebrates community and the spirit of the land, enchanting audiences to sing, dance and be stirred.

Live, they are an enthusiastic, lively and visually exciting band and are well used to providing very energetic performances for large audiences.

In this section you can listen to samples from both of their Albums, and if you like what you hear you can order online.

The current members of the band are:

Tom Simenauer (Tabla, Percussion, backing vocals) and Iccy Slade (Bass & backing vocals) continue to play music with their own projects and may occasionally appear as guests.

Other past members include: Wal, Brian Gulland (Gryphon & The New Scorpion Band), Matt Tweed (Spacegoats), Archie Moss (Moore Moss Rutter) and Nathan Lewis Williams.

Special mention should be made of Cliff Stapleton (Hurdy Gurdy - Blowzabella), who was a member of the band for 3 years, and contributed his own track 'The Dream' to their latest album 'The Ridgeway', and also features on the Title track.

Thrisha Haldar has also worked periodically with the band, playing Tablas and contributing backing vocals in 'Breath of Spring' on 'The Ridgeway' album.

Dragonsfly mainly perform in venues and festivals around the South West of England, but have also developed a dedicated following in France and Sweden through playing festivals there too.